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About Us

Gopiban Logistics is a leading transport company in India, based in Sonipat and Delhi NCR since 2012. Our top-quality transportation services in India have made us one of the most dynamic logistics company in India. With a convoy of large vehicles, we are capable of bringing you the best possible solution for your logistic needs. Our range of cargo vehicles includes closed body trucks, containers trucks, trailers and several others in-order to provide you with the best possible customized cargo solution as per your requirement. We have associate transport companies at many various destinations. Gopiban Logistics has built reputation and brand based on providing the consumer with professional and prompt vehicle transportation at an affordable price. We constantly thrive to acclimatize ourselves for rapidly changing business scenarios, handle most of the unexpected challenges, using our knowledge and expertise to enforce continuous improvement, improving customer satisfaction, and building confidence. Gopiban Logistics is committed to our self, Customers, Employees and Partners to provide best in class transportation solutions. We enable transporters and customers to meet their business objectives effectively. We aim at achieving highest standards of work for our customers. Our commitment to excellence will help the transportation industries and customers achieve financial growth and prosperity.

Improves Productivity:- Gopiban Logistics improves productivity by reducing the time it takes to search for loads or trucks by using a state of the art filtered email notification system that tend to clutter most freight matching load board services.

Excellence of Service:- Gopiban Logistics has policies to retain all our customers, service providers and transporters with our excellence of service. We help all people associated with the community to head for better profitability in their own business. We do right things with all best ethical practices for the benefit of transporter and customer community.

Our Vision:- To help all the players in the transportation related industry manufacturers, transporters, customers, importers, truckers and other service providers to come under one umbrella, provide better service to their own customers.

Our Mission:- We serve the transportation industry to best of our abilities to foster profitable, safe, secure transportation of goods and services for the customers.

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